January 7, 2021

What a crazy fucking day.

A group of riff raff Trump supporters stormed the US congress buildings. They had guns on them, but they looked absolutely stupid and foolish. Biden gets on live tv and tells them to stand down, and asks Trump to ask them to stand down. Trump tweets a pre-recorded, 1 minute message and posts it to twitter. He strokes and caresses the feeling that he had lost the vote, but tells them to stand down, be peaceful, and go home. Everyone is glued to twitter. BLM people (and me) wonder why the insurrectionists haven’t all been shot dead. I’m saddened at the complete disrespect for the US’ democratic institutions. But my first reaction was to buy $100 worth of bitcoin. It was hard to focus at work because I let myself get distracted by this news.

Aside from that, Mr. Francois Legault announced that he’d be issuing a curfew in Montreal. You’re not allowed to leave your home from 8 pm to 5 am, every day. I am further incensed by this. Curfews don’t work. You need to have justification for your orders under s.1 of the Charter. They don’t work. Therefore, curfews are illegal. In his press conference, Legault says that those 65+ make up 20% of the population, but 80% of hospital cases. Hah! It’s the 80:20 rule. Legault also says that we need to protect the health care system. But if curfews work, then they’d work best by isolating and curfewing those 65+, not those who won’t be hospitalized! That’s the minimum necessary intervention.

I don’t understand why he’s not doing this. To avoid charges of discrimination? That’s what s. 1 is for!!! Ri-fucking-diculous.

Other than that, I spoke with Alex, a friend of mine, and it felt soo good to talk with him, I’m shocked. There are some people who I’d trust my life with, and I think Alex is one of them. He’s a phenomenal person. I also spoke with an old teacher of mine, for 2.5 hours. That was good too.

One thing I should’ve done differently is gotten out of bed more quickly. I need to spend more time addressing these issues and reading up on them. And I can’t do that if I’m working 11 am – 7:30 pm. Also, I’m getting in trouble for not responding to emails early enough! So yeah, enough of that for me.

Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

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