January 8, 2021

Pretty interesting day today, too. I wrote another thread of stories on instagram. Here’s what I said:

“Well, thanks for the engagement with the lockdown post, folks! I learned two things:

  1. More friends agree with me than I imagined.
  2. Nobody really knows what the governments objectives are, or how a curfew would flatten the curve.

Even the epidemiologists that the CBC interviewed didn’t have proof that they work 🙃

There go our rights and freedoms, for nothing.

Francois Legault said that those aged 65+ make up 20% of the population, but 80% of the hospitalizations.

If that’s the case, assuming that curfews truly worked, then the most proportionate way to prevent a healthcare system collapse would be to let the curfew apply only to those aged 65+. Protect them from the rest of society, who won’t burden the hospital system.

Everyone else ought to socially distance, wear masks, and generally avoid someone likely to be hospitalized (ie. old, has diabetes or heart issues, and/or is obese).”

Then I posted a photo of the Canadian Charter, and pointed to the part about demonstrably justifying something.

In response to this, a few more people sent me scientific papers showing that lockdowns are effective, that they save lives, that suicide rates go down/up, etc etc. One of my sharp friends pointed out that making the curfew apply only to those 65+ (as I suggested in my insta story) would not be considerate. This curfew would help grandparents who live with an 18 year old keep him inside and prevent him from partying.

Anyway, I think I’m tired from responding to all of these people messaging me on instagram, and need to do more reading and research on here, on my blog, away from the feedback of other people, because that’ll give me the most bang for my buck. I also need to write my MLA and tell her what I think about the curfew. And I need to write to my MP too to ask her to please pay attention to what the government’s up to, because they’re a more effective check on the executive than the judiciary (as it should be).

More homework to be done.

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