I try to publish one blog a week. Regular writing works wonders for clarity of thought and creativity. If you’d like to find a blog on a particular topic, I’d suggest you do so by searching for it below with a keyword. Happy reading.

COVID: November 23

Well, I started writing a couple of months ago about my thoughts/predictions regarding COVID 19. Here are blogs one, two, and three. Re-reading them now is so damn interesting! It’s so interesting to be a part of history like this! I wish I had kept it up and had written one new blog post perContinue reading “COVID: November 23”

On Explanations

There are two types of claim: descriptive and active. Take the following claim: “Canada is a meritocratic country.” This is an empirical claim. You can question and falsify this belief in many ways. You can check how much income mobility there is. You can see what the best predictors of success are – your family’sContinue reading “On Explanations”


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