Letters from a Contrarian

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Bruce Pardy – Vaccine Passports

D. Jared Brown – Revelations from Cross-Examining Manitoba’s Health Experts in Court

Dr. Doug Allen – The Flaws in COVID-19 Modelling (Epidemiological and Economic)

Dave Redman – Models, Mismanagement, and Emergency Planning

Dr. Ari Joffe: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Lockdowns

Season 2 Trailer

Ryan Elson: No Humble Opinions, Dialogue, Social Connection, and Changing Minds

Matt Strauss, MD: Lockdowns, Trust, China, Philosophy, and Doctors.

Dr Eddy Lang – Overdiagnosis, Cancer, ADHD, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Ford v. Pardy — The Conflict on the Right

Jesse Clarke (@jesseclarke95): Ex-Muslims, Abduction, Fathers, and Fear

JL (@stucatz101): From Finance to Carpentry, and Nassim Taleb.

Nadia Guo: Police Accountability, a Lawyer’s Reputation, Media Deception, and Sex Work

Dr. Ryan Alford: 7 Absolute Rights, Canada’s Unwritten Constitution, Torture, and Law Schools

Lisa Bildy: StopSOP, Creating New Institutions, Liberalism, and Flirting

Ryan Handlarski: #metoo, Apartheid, StopSOP, and Boomers

Candice Malcolm: Kenney, Khalistani Extremism, and Journalistic Courage

Ara Ghougassian: “hey Duolingo, i’m coming for your a**!”

Lindsay Shepherd: Yaniv, TERFs, Motherhood and Courage

Caylan Ford: Revolution, Liberalism’s Failings, and Transcendent Justice

Zach (@zachcantrad): Traditional Architecture, Objective Beauty, and The Cult of Modernism

Steve Paolasini (pt. 2) – Deporting Native-Born Citizens, Facebook Arguments, and Government.

Michael Kudla: 7th Day Adventists, Atheism, Reason, and Thought

Steve Paolasini: Libertarians, Immigration and Starting a Marketing Company

The First Episode! A chat with my good friend Nikola Kuzmanovic