Hey reader, my name is Eugene Fernandes. I study Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics at UBC Okanagan.

I started this blog because I have too many ideas swarming around in my mind, so I figured I should write them out somewhere to make them make sense. Also, this is a challenge suggested to me by the fine people working at Praxis: the challenge was one blog a day every day for 30 days.

When you complete this challenge, the flood gates open up and your creative ideas just burst out of you. This challenge also forces you to articulate yourself and your ideas in a manner which other people can understand. And it’s definitely been working for me: I find now that I can explain a concept to someone else much more easily and comprehensively because of my practice writing.

You know what, it doesn’t matter who you are, but you should blog a day for 30 days also, because it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll always be surrounded by people, and so if you develop your skill of communication, you’ll be poised to get into relationships with everyone around you. And these relations can bring you good things! Things like friendship, money, honour, love, business, opportunities; just think of everything you could possibly think of someone else offering you. That’s what happens when you blog.

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Well, that was a short summary of what I’m doing here and what I want from it; since you read this you may as well go on to read a blog post as well. Thanks,

– Eugene

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