There are a few podcasts which I’ve started.

One is Letters from a Contrarian. Inspired by Antifragile (Taleb), I set out to try and learn how people who say, believe, or think controversial thinks end up thriving amidst their unpopularity. A bunch of themes stand out. One is to learn what your values are, and the arguments for them. Two is to learn how to fight – physically. Three is to explore whether your fears have merit. To learn more, you should listen to the podcast, or, read my twitter threads for each guest.

A second podcast is Podscribers – a podcast which I started for Podscribe. It’s a focused, short, and informative podcast about how Podscribe clients use their Podscribe transcripts. Take a listen, if you have transcripts! I started it because every sales and onboarding call asked for best practices, but we didn’t have a blog post about how best to use our transcripts, or something like that. This podcast helps to create that content – I asked our guests what they use their transcripts for.

The third podcast (coming soon!) is Grindr Horror Stories. It’ll be one interview, once a week, with one guy who’s been through a Grindr horror story. Hopefully, by the end, the listener will be equipped to log onto Grindr more safely, thanks to his new knowledge of what could possibly go wrong.

If you’d like to work with me to help bring a podcast idea you have in mind to life, feel free to reach out!