Hey, I’m Eugene.

On this website, you will find my contact information, notable published work, and blog posts. Just look up at the header tab to find each of ’em.

Quick tip – the blogs are the most interesting part of this website.You will find notes and summaries from books I’ve read, lessons from projects I’ve run, reviews of movies I’ve watched, life advice, and the odd political gripe.


About Me

A More Formal Background

Calgary is my home. It’s where I’m from.

In 2016, I moved to Kelowna for a degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. I graduated in April of 2020, and wrote my thesis on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

For my third year, I studied abroad at SciencesPo in Reims, France for 8 months. This was where I learned how to write properly, all thanks to the school newspaper’s fantastic editor.

Now, I’m aiming to become a digital marketer. I enjoy researching and writing essays which persuade people; digital marking lets me write high quality content that people find useful.

Sounds like a dream to me 🙂

What I’m Up To These Days

Running a Fundraiser

This fundraiser is currently being run by me. You can help it out by…buying a t-shirt 🙂 You can also read my process of starting it in these blogs: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Day 4 (the F**k up).

Growing my Blog to 10,000 Views

To get into digital marketing, you’ve got to have proof that you know what you’re doing. That’s why I’m trying to write high-quality, informative blog posts, twice a week. Check ’em out.

Podcast Host!

I’m proud to say that I’m the host of a podcast called “Letters from a Contrarian.” In my experience, people tend to dislike contrarians, and for good reason. But I believe that contrarians can also be incredibly helpful and important. So I’m going to interview contrarians to find out how.