Writing is Difficult

Taking a break from the series I started yesterday, let me now write about something else. Part of my job is to write blog posts as a marketing tool because it makes you show up higher on Google Search Results, and it also makes your website look more authoritative. But sometimes, you write content about something you’re just not interested in, and so you then extrude it out of you, even though it tires you out and you’re doing something you don’t like to do. It’s the same feeling you get when you have to do homework for school; that loss of liberty to something that you don’t respect or admire. So I had two options:

Continue, or Quit.

I chose to continue because I said I would get it done, and so I should have gotten it done. But there was something fundamentally wrong with me doing what I did today, because when I had the finished product, it was shameful. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t…me either. The other alternative was to Quit. But then you’re in the chaos not doing much once again, and you’re not learning much as well. Is there a third option?

Yes, I think there is.

You can’t force yourself to be interested in a certain subject or topic. But what you can do is make a certain subject or topic interesting. In those blogs, I let them tell a story: I connected the narrative of the blog post with the narratives of Uber and Apple, and through this I was both amazed by the product for which I was marketing, along with learning something new about these companies.

It was a great learning lesson in that perhaps there’s a third option that you’re not thinking about, and maybe it isn’t always the devil or the deep blue sea. For the future, I think I’m going to try and apply this principle, which I think is something like find a compromise in between two polar opposites which allow you to have the best of both worlds, plus end up with something even better, to instances where I’m discussing something difficult with someone else. You’ve got to find common ground, something that we’re both striving for, and see where it is that we differ for answers to this common question.

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