A few lessons.

I learned some really important things today. Those who ask questions and state their ignorance are the ones who are truly confident. Those who don’t ask questions when you don’t know something are actually insecure, whereas those who do and know they have gaps in their knowledge are confident. Those who treat you like an idiot when you ask them for help should be…slapped, or rebuked in some way because they have no respect for the process of learning and of humility. So I should not sit in class dumb anymore basically.

Something else: The ability to communicate is the most important asset you will have in your life. And that’s because the higher up you climb, the more it matters that other people are on your side. To get people on your side, you need to convince them by communicating with them! So more fuel for the fire.

Finally, I noticed something else I did that I’m really happy I did: I was conversing with someone else, and he asked me a question, and I went on to think out loud to try and figure out the answer, but covertly trying to seem smart, and then I was like WAIT! You’re not playing the same game he is! And I switched and just gave him the answer he was wanting and I played the game successfully! This has never consciously happened to me before.

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