The CPC Doesn’t Deserve to Win in 2019

The CPC doesn’t deserve to win in 2019 because they are religious sheep, greedy for power, and cowards.

A sheep is someone who follows and does not lead; someone who agrees completely and who’s destination is set by the shepherd who guides it; someone who only sees others as being a part of the herd or not, and thus sees only sheep or wolves.

The CPC is a party made up of a bunch of sheep. They all follow their leader, who decides what passes for Conservative dogma. Thus, it is not a party of independent thinkers and leaders who have come to the conclusion, after looking at other trains of thought, that their ideas and policies are the best for Canada and for themselves individually. Perhaps this is a flaw of all political parties and those drawn to them. But based on how they advertise themselves, the CPC is most guilty of this.

The CPC thus cannot form an authentic or credible government because “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” –Martin Luther King Jr. As a party, the CPC is incapable of coming up with creative and innovative solutions to problems which they would face as government. This is exactly the opposite of what a good government ought to do.

Thought I am her polar opposite in opinion, I admire Celina CC and the way the Liberal Party tolerates and accepts her. Her opinions are not shared by the entirety of the LPC, but she is welcome in the party because they admire diversity, new ideas, and free thought (at least within the party itself). This has a tendency to get out of hand, as it has with Iqra Khalid, but the cost of being tolerant is much smaller than the benefits of being ideologically intolerant, like the Conservative Party.

For without a space for vigorous disagreement and debate, without a faith in the process (not the principles!) with which a party can transcend their disagreements, they are unlikely to turn themselves, if they become government, into anything except a function of the strongest and most intolerant wills. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs

In an organization such as the CPC which has no original ideas, the only thing around which they can organize is a collective goal. Those who do not believe in the goal are thus defenestrated from the party because the foreigner taints the safe space that is the party.

The CPC’s goal is to “defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.” However, I doubt this is not a goal in and of itself that the Canadian people see as worthy of electing to power. Let’s say the CPC defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019 and they form government. Then what? The CPC runs out of steam from there. And that’s the sign of a party which isn’t capable of running a state; that’s the sign of a party which has internalized their opposition status.

Indeed, the CPC is like that “beta male” in rom coms who tries to please the woman by doing everything she wants. But when push comes to shove, the beta male is not enough for the woman, and she falls for the other man who is dangerous, mysterious, and uncontrollable.

And that’s because she knows that when chaos shows up at your door, the dangerous, mysterious, and uncontrollable man will be more likely to get everyone out of that situation than will the “I’ll do anything for you” man.

This is why the Canadian people will never fall (in both the love and deceptive meanings of the word) for the Conservative Party. By attempting to please everyone, they (1) don’t please anyone, and (2) become puppets to the most powerful wills around them, like the media and dairy industry. They are cowards since they are too afraid to say anything and to take a stand. So then they take on positions and policies which have the least resistance. They become the well behaved pet of the media and of opposition parties, who tell them whether they are being good or not. Any movement away from this and they shrink.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

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