3 Things to Learn from Donald Trump

  1. If you plan to become a leader, say what’s on your mind! Doing so makes people trust you. Honest imperfection is a lot more relatable than honed perfection. Those who say on their mind can be trusted because if you say what’s on your mind, then you build a relationship with people that isn’t contingent on what’s expedient.
  2. Be independent. Trump absolutely destroyed all of his Republican opponents because he wasn’t a puppet on policy strings. His position wasn’t carefully negotiated to satisfy the dominant interests at play. No, he just came up and upset the established order because he didn’t have to rely on anyone else! And that set him far, far apart from the rest of the candidates because you knew that he was doing what he did for his own personal reasons, not because others controlled him to any extent.
  3. Fake it till you make it. Although we don’t really know what the geopolitical consequences of the rise of Trump will truly be for the formerly dominant global order that hinged on American power (I saw a headline which said that Macron believes France is ready to take the USs place and lead the world LOL), we do know that it does not seem like the world has turned into chaos and fire and stuff yet. I’d say this is largely because Trump knows how to¬†act like a boss, even if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Leadership is acting like a leader more than just having the competence to be one.

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