Welcome Back.

Dear World Wide Web:

Last summer I stopped writing daily blogs because I went to school. But The results from daily writing were amazing and well worth the blogging. Now that I have more time, I’d like to return to daily blogging this summer. So here’s the challenge: write a blog every day for the next 80 days.

You’re going to see blogs mostly about the problems which I can’t stop thinking about, and there will usually be trends that keep coming up over and over. The risk here is that they’ll be boring because the problems are really weird and theoretical and unique to me. But fear not, I’ll try to connect it to a real world problem, and to find a solution which can change your behaviour and beliefs in the real world.

One thing I think I ought to also write about and document here is my attempt to start a 3 figure business ($_00). Let’s see if writing about my attempts and my thoughts about passing and failing will help me figure out what I should do next.

So, I’m glad you’re back again, and I look forward to writing for you.


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