How Tasha Meys Monetized Her Lifestyle

Here’s a link to the source (which is her website)

These are my notes from her appearance on Nat Chat (a great podcast). If you want a proper answer to the question posed in the title, I’d head over to his podcast and listen to his answer. The thing about Nat’s work though is that it stands the test of time – I’ve probably gone through his podcasts three times over by now. So I figured that I should write down notes on them after listening to them so that I don’t have to do that any longer.

One thing she mentioned was a better way to talk with someone. There should always be something for the other person. Many people are actually pretty generous and are happy to help. But they don’t like wasting their time. Show them that you’ll put their advice into action, and they’ll be much more likely to give it to you (cause it won’t be a waste of time, they’d be satisfied that they (actually) helped someone, and you’ll go and use it. The way you do this is to show that you have skin in the game – that you have taken action to move towards your goal, and that your pursuit of that goal would benefit greatly from their help.

Second, she’s a huge fan of facebook groups, and thinks that they are underrated. You can find advice, help, and encouragement on these groups, along with people who think like you: your tribe. They’re also helpful with building a diverse and amazing network.

Third, if you want to climb that corporate ladder, you don’t need to start at the bottom. You can set up your own business or a side hustle and then float in and out of a corporation. This’ll let you develop your skills and give you freedom.

Fourth, the market for goods is EXTREMELY LARGE! Don’t be limited by what you see around you. The internet lets the most niche products ever be sold to every single possible community. Look up facebook groups to find people who care about a particular cause or who are interested in the same things – this is where you can find an audience and where you can learn from them.

Last, you have got to take action. Sure, you can listen to people’s stories, read people’s books, but at the end of the day, you must take action. Not knowing everything or not being perfect is a bad excuse – everyone is learning as they go along. Even CEOs and other seemingly well put together people are like this. If you don’t know what you should do or how, then try. Put yourself out there. Make some public attempts. Showcase your learning. This will move you forward and establish you.

By showing that you’re putting into practice what you’ve learned, joining facebook groups with like minded people, and taking actual action, even if you don’t know everything, you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

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