Day 2 of my Dr. Henry Fundraiser

So it’s not really day two in real life, it’s more like day two of progress. In reality it’s more like day 20.

Two of the four artists I reached out to are now on board – now we’re working out the fine processes and how it works, etc.

I don’t think I should wait for TeeHatch to send me my t-shirt. It’ll come within 5 days. I’ll take a chance and launch the website anyways. If worst comes to worst, then I can cancel the t-shirt orders and fix them within the time frame.

Now, I’m going to start marketing the t-shirt. I’m going to find Kelowna businesses who may be into philanthropy (like the local Rotary Club) this cool printing business I noticed, and KelownaNow. I will ask them if they would like to support the Okanagan Food bank by buying or publicizing the t-shirts. Other than that, I’ll reach out to the people on the groups where the posters were shared and link to the store from there.

Also, I’m thinking that I should start a blog for the online store with all of the updates from Dr. Henry’s daily meetings. It would be a great place for people to find information about what Dr. Henry was writing, and it’d probably drive a lot of organic SEO to it too. We’ll see.

One piece of advice which I heard Isaac Morehouse give on his podcast was that when you’re starting a business, just focus on fixing the problems which currently exist. If you focus on the problems which don’t actually exist right now, then these hypotheticals serve to just distract you. I’ll put that into practice here and we’ll see how that works out.

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