Show Notes from my Podcast with Steve

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Here are the show notes for my conversation with Steve Paolasini. Here’s a link to his facebook page if you’d like to reach out to him.

Update: the times are wrong! You’ve got to add 3 minutes to the times below to get the right time.

  • 2:00 Steve’s protest against traffic tickets during COVID-19. 
  • HustleCo, Husam. 
  • Stopping drinking. 
  • The insecurity of being a contrarian. 
  • His new work in Immigration. 
  • Dropping out of a master’s degree. 
  • 13:00 Quitting your stable, secure engineering job to start a marketing job. 
  • 16:30 Steve’s first success as a marketer. 
  • 21:00 Being shut down by negative, critical, overbearing and nit-picky managers.  
  • 26:00 Trying to help your company and then being shut down for it. 
  • 30:00 Crazy immigration issues, LMIs (Labour Market Impact), entrepreneurs, flagpoles, the CBSA (these are immigration terms)
  • 35:00 Arbitrary discrimination in the Canadian Immigration system – France and Hong Kong vs. Sub-Saharan African countries. 
  • 38:00 Standing in front of the car of Ahmed Hussein (a member of the Queen’s Privy Counsel aka the GOVERNMENT).
  • 41:00 Steve’s proposed changes to Canadian Immigration Policy, and how it stopped a pair of Pakistani grandparents from witnessing the birth of their grandchild. 
  • 48:00 Flogging for beer drinking in Saudi Arabia
  • 50:00 Anti-theism, atheism. He’s now spiritual/agnostic. 
  • 51:00 Legalizing marijuana. 
  • 53:00 – Trump and putting kids in cages. 
  • 54:00 – McGill alumni event, social ostracism at the event after defending Trump. 
  • 57:00 – Is Trump Hitler?
  • 59:00 – Running against Stephen Harper in the 2015 election in Harper’s riding as the candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada. 
  • 1:01:30 Steve demanding to see Stephen Harper’s ID. 

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