Steve Paolasini (pt. 2) – Deporting Native-Born Citizens, Facebook Arguments, and Government.

Hey everyone! Steve’s back by popular demand for part 2. We talk about what he learned from running for office, his dreams moving forward, his thoughts on COVID-19 government policy, and non-alcoholic beers. Hope you like it! 

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Here’s a show index (give or take 3 minutes). 


5:00 – Stephen Harper, how it feels to run, and the Christian Heritage Party.

9:00 – What he’s learned from the process – don’t get started in politics to change policy. He did it to spread a message and to get his name up. He also now has a much greater appreciation for democracy.

14:00 – Running for the Libertarian party – WHY?! Marijuana legalization, pipelines, taxes (aka punishment), drug decriminalization, “last calls” at bars. Potential run for Calgary city council?!

21:00 – Competition between provinces, blockchain, competitive citizenship, US immigration.

33:00 – Going back into politics. Steve’s dream of retiring at 35 years old. The 4 hour Workweek.

36:00 – Future plans: Make Canada the BEST! Solve problems like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong. We could be so much richer as a country! We should deport unproductive people.

41:00 – Immigrants > native-born citizens. Freer markets make people richer. All businesses are essential… Blockchain solves so many problems!

47:00 – “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” from The Girl Next Door.

49:00 – Change yourself first.

53:00 – Whether it’s worth it to get into Facebook Arguments. Guns. It’s wrong to say that “Americans are gun killers.” Time wasting, being a contrarian.

1:03:00 – Free expression. HustleCo’s libertarian press release.

1:09:00 The Government has taken away our freedoms! Or has it? Fears of freedoms being taken away. The Runnymede Society. Our justice system and how it’s pretty good.

1:22:00 – Control is worse than privacy violations! AB tracing app. Blockchain is perfect for this!

1:27:00 – Is it worth it to be a contrarian?

1:30:00 – What would you tell your old self? Find the other contrarians, try not to get emotional, don’t let it affect you. “Facebook is a mental asylum.” Try not to drink your problems away. Have some humour!

1:38:00 – Trump.

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