Zach (@zachcantrad): Traditional Architecture, Objective Beauty, and The Cult of Modernism

Hey everyone! This podcast was about architecture and why architecture has become … uglier and wackier over time. Thank you to Zach (who graduated from architecture school in 2019) for joining me and talking about his experience at architecture school. You can reach him on twitter at @cantradionalist. I would post all of the show notes here but they turned out to be three pages long. If you want to know the exact minute you should go to that touches on the subject you want to learn more about, you can read the show notes on my website at Thanks! Oh, and here are the links to the things we mentioned: Here’s the NUMTOTS group on facebook.  Wrath of Gnon Christopher Liberatos Peterson and Paglia’s discussion  Palladio awards  Zach’s thesis project – slavic inspired buildings.  Zach’s example of “Frankenstein buildings” which poorly trained architects end up designing.   Adrian Vermeule 9 lane highway vs a beautiful town. Zach’s book recommendation: Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail – Rules of Thumb. To reach me, you can tweet me @eugenefds or email me at lettersfromacontrarian2020 [at] gmail [dot] com. This conversation was recorded on May 28, 2020.

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