Ara Ghougassian: “hey Duolingo, i’m coming for your a**!”

That infamous and viral tweet was what launched Ara’s startup “Fluent” into the public’s view. I chat with him on this episode. This was an awesome episode! I loved loved loved it. Give him a follow at @araghougassian (ara – ghou – gas – sian). And here’s the timestamps:

4:15 (How Ara got Fluent’s tweet to BLOW UP). 18:30 What Fluent is and its origin story. 28:59 (Odyss). 38:20 (University vs. a Startup for Education). 55:57 (A defence of interruption). 1:02.47 (The pros and cons of being an honest and funny person + Andrew Schultz). 1:17:12 (The Left-Right spectrum doesn’t apply to violence). 1:52:52 (we get meta with politics and offer solutions). 2:16.06 (How to get a startup job without a degree – SELL YOURSELF). He ends with life advice.

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