Is your podcast an echo chamber?

Mine may be. My conversations with people tend to end on agreement, and agreement on the exact same idea – that we need to build our own community. That’s an issue. Why? Because it means that I am, once again, creating an echo chamber.

In an earlier blog post, I wrote that if you fill in the pauses of the person you’re speaking with, you run the risk of simply hearing what you want them to say. Now, I think the same thing is happening on a psychological level, somehow. I end up at the same conclusion and the same idea with different people.

There must be a selection bias issue. I’m probably inviting people onto the podcast who I already agree with. In theory then, this issue of turning my podcast into an echo chamber can be solved by speaking with people who I disagree with politically, but who have stories which would fit perfectly on my podcast.

The other issue with ending in agreement is that suggesting we build a community is just an idea, not something which I would realistically pursue. That makes it ring hollow when I suggest it as a solution. An alternative is to come up with practical solutions to practical problems that come up in your day-to-day lives. This way, you make both the problem concrete as well as the solution concrete.

Well, if you have any suggestions on what else I could be doing to avoid this, please leave a comment below or tweet at me on twitter.

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