Matt Strauss, MD: Lockdowns, Trust, China, Philosophy, and Doctors.

0:05 Introduction, Strauss’ ostensibly contrarian opinion, media biases and framing, how lockdowns save lives, herd immunity, Great Barrington Declaration.
0:20 How we should be dealing with the COVID pandemic, masks, HIV, adults taking risks, additive vs. multiplicative risks, externalities, and seniors.
0:40 Governments, continued discussion, terror, democracy, cover-ups of Chernobyl and trust, China, Hong Kong.
0:50 Block the trolls, write well, learn your values and your arguments for them (by heart). Do you truly want a meaningful life? Soul crushing yet great payoff work EKG signoffs for $10. Soul-suffering. How to find meaning in your life. How Strauss got into journalism thanks to Jon Kay and the Monk School, taking care of a Neo-Nazi.
1:08 Russell, Mill, Frankl, Descartes, religious upbringings, Jordan Peterson.
1:16 PhD work, cognitive dissonance between doctors’ knowledge and their actions (like not biking when all-cause mortality is 50% less. Rotting institutions, over-payed doctors, professional hazing a la 36-hour-shifts.
1:32 Trudeau, Meritocracy, JWR, Philpott.
Mentions: The Great Barrington Declaration Manual for Survival by Kate Brown Mr. Money Mustache Man’s Search for Meaning On Liberty, JS Mill Bertrand Russell Peterson v. Harris debate #1
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