Style Fundamentals

By Tim Dessaint.

Alright! Let’s learn about fashion. It’s very stressful for me to shop for clothes. The stress comes from worrying about how other people view you. But despite the stress, looking good is a virtue that must be cultivated. So I will try to learn about fashion, whatever that means.

One video I watched by Tim Dessaint gave me a taxonomy which I could use to help me evaluate and understand clothing. I can ask myself about the six uses for clothes.

  1. Fit. your clothes work well with your body shape and type.
  2. Colour. navy, grey, and white. Stick to 3 colours per outfit, with two of them being neutral (if you’re a noob).
  3. Texture. Gives off moods and vibes. If you use the same texture throughout, it may look too costumey (ie. if you wear jeans all the way through. No texture = sleek, modernistic, sophisticated.
  4. Silhouette. “top heavy” or “chunky, wide, and relaxed with a bit of structure at the ankles.”
  5. Accessories. T-shirt and jeans look like you just threw them on. But add a watch or a chain, and bam! Not as boring.
  6. Function. All of the above is for naught if it doesn’t fit your needs.

FFACTS for short. Fit, function, colour, texture, silhouette, and accessories.

Function is something I’ve struggled with. I’ve always tried to wear clothes that worked in all situations (in case I needed to fight or run somewhere). But now I realize that this never happens. Most of the time, I’m at home on my desk remote working. Then I go out for a walk. And go shopping. And go to the library. These things are casual. There’s not a lot of exercise. And the only people who look at me are strangers. My clothes then should be casual, comfortable, and pleasant to the eyes.

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