How to write a letter to a Confederate

July 1, 2020 To the pale bearded man who lives here: You and I have actually spoken before. Four weeks ago, I took photos of your condo’s façade with the confederate flag, one evening after sunset. I didn’t see you sitting on your porch. But you noticed me. You said “Hey! What are you doing?”Continue reading “How to write a letter to a Confederate”

How the Government Should Sell Mandatory Masks

(scroll down to the absolute bottom to just read the video idea). Government bureaucrats see marketers as suspect for “manipulating” people. The only way to persuade someone to take action, apparently, is to persuade using argumentation, reason, and evidence. If this fails, then the next step is to use force. This is ignorant, foolish, andContinue reading “How the Government Should Sell Mandatory Masks”

How should Architecture and Ethnicity be Related?

What should be the appropriate relationship between architecture and ethnicity? One option is for it to be so closely tied to each other that “only certain races can build beautiful architecture.” Another option is for it to be universally homogenous, such that you see the same big shiny glass and steel skyscrapers popping up everywhere.Continue reading “How should Architecture and Ethnicity be Related?”

What the ’20 Riots Taught Me

That civilization is fragile. That’s what they taught me. I seriously believed that I’d see a revolution in my lifetime. No Middle Ground One reason was because the middle ground disappeared overnight. You were either a supporter of Black Lives Matter, or you were a supporter of racism. There was no middle. No nuance. ThisContinue reading “What the ’20 Riots Taught Me”

How to Understand a World without Knowledge

Plato said that knowledge is not possible in a world of change. Think about that for a moment. We can’t know what is true if things are constantly changing. Remember COVID and how our understanding of it changed earlier this year? Some thought it was “no worse than the flu,” others thought that it wasContinue reading “How to Understand a World without Knowledge”

Never Split the Difference: Notes

Overarching summary: make your problems their problems – listen to them – demonstrate that your’e listening – listen to their body + emotions + tone as much as their words – never split the difference. Chapter 1: negotiate in order to 1) gather information, and 2) influence behaviour. don’t split the difference! A hostage negotiatorContinue reading “Never Split the Difference: Notes”

10. Ryan Handlarski – Shownotes

How do you cope with crowd pushback against your position? After he critiqued @hadiyaroderique’s article, he survived the deluge of “racist” and “ignorant” critiques by doubling down.  Say what you think and STICK TO IT. That’s that! Compromises with your conscience breaks your mental and physical health.  Crown attorneys and Bay Street lawyers probably haveContinue reading “10. Ryan Handlarski – Shownotes”

A Critique of My Podcast

Starting your own podcast drives your speech flaws to extinction. You notice the annoying patterns in your speech. For example, I say “right, right” and “ok, I see” after someone speaks. And I bring up Antifragile with every single guest. People don’t notice their own speech flaws. It’s impolite to point them out. When you’reContinue reading “A Critique of My Podcast”