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Summary of Sexual Personae (by Camille Paglia)

Very long book. Much reading. You’re welcome. Definitions in bold. Chapter 0: The Cancelled Preface (from Sex, Art, and American Culture) Western culture has unity and continuity. It is theatrical at its core, with two main principles: the Apollonian and the Dionysian. Art is any and all works of imagination and quality. Personae are masks,Continue reading “Summary of Sexual Personae (by Camille Paglia)”

The Word for Gen Z is “Metamorphosis”

Generation Z was born anywhere from 1995ish to 2010ish. They’re known for growing up in a world that always had smartphones and the internet. They’re anxious and depressed, have gone through the Great Recession and now COVID-19, and they’re usually on Tik Tok. I consider myself to be a member of Gen Z. Eric WeinsteinContinue reading “The Word for Gen Z is “Metamorphosis””

The Perfection of How to Train Your Dragon

Whenever I watch Hiccup’s first flight, my eyes get misty. There he is, a pseudo-viking, risking the wrath of his father and his whole clan to go fly a fucking dragon. It’s unbelievably inspiring. So below, I’ll try to articulate why I find HTTYD so inspiring, and why it makes me so emotional. I’ve boiled it down toContinue reading “The Perfection of How to Train Your Dragon”

A Experiment in Creative Restaurant Review

My God, what a lovely restaurant! My only regret was not taking photos, so words will have to do. First, the samosas. Wow. Those fat packets of flavour are made with crispy dough and fluffy potatoes and peas. They’re made to order too, so they come fresh, but still have oil on them – noContinue reading “A Experiment in Creative Restaurant Review”