Shownotes from Zach

Here are the reading notes from my conversation with Zach. We talked for nearly two hours and talked about a bunch of things.  2.30 Trad arch: ornamentation, based on old designs. Modernism: clean lines, no ornamentation.  5:00 Zach’s experience at school: you’ve always got to “reinterpret” the architecture; you can’t just build a building. NotreContinue reading “Shownotes from Zach”

Show Notes from Michael Kudla

0:00 – Being a 7th day Adventist; how the community has its own education system.  6:30 – Being taught evolution in a Christian High School.  9:04 – Cracks in his faith – bible study, reading apologetics. 10:32 – More cracks – conversations with friends, watching the Four Horsemen online, debates.  13:00 – Solution to the doubtContinue reading “Show Notes from Michael Kudla”

Show notes from Nikola Kuzmanovic

Here’s where you can listen to the podcast: Anchor Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Here are the topics we covered, roughly speaking. 0:00 Why, Eugene, should you start a podcast? What do you seek to accomplish with it? COVID-19, epistemology, and what it means to be a contrarian. Changing people’s beliefs, encouraging critical thinking. Whether dialogueContinue reading “Show notes from Nikola Kuzmanovic”