Notes from 6. Caylan Ford

Posted on June 4, 2020

Here are the show notes from my conversation with Caylan Ford. As always, the actual minute will be around 1 -2 minutes later than usual. So if you want to hear about Caylan’s preference for milk oolong green tea, it won’t be at 0:00 but rather at 1:30 or 2:00 ish. If you’d like to do some reading on the texts that she ent which turned into a complete nightmare, they’re pretty easy to find by googling her name. IfRead More

Shownotes from Zach

Posted on May 29, 2020

Here are the reading notes from my conversation with Zach. We talked for nearly two hours and talked about a bunch of things.  2.30 Trad arch: ornamentation, based on old designs. Modernism: clean lines, no ornamentation.  5:00 Zach’s experience at school: you’ve always got to “reinterpret” the architecture; you can’t just build a building. Notre Dame Architecture school, traditional architecture.  Immersion in minimalism and modernism, how Zach came to like traditional architecture. “Beauty” – the word. How architects reject the notion. Read More

Show Notes from Michael Kudla

Posted on May 24, 2020

0:00 – Being a 7th day Adventist; how the community has its own education system.  6:30 – Being taught evolution in a Christian High School.  9:04 – Cracks in his faith – bible study, reading apologetics. 10:32 – More cracks – conversations with friends, watching the Four Horsemen online, debates.  13:00 – Solution to the doubt – a la Descartes! Figure out first principles. But also, how his social life disappeared.  15:33 – The personal and logical arguments he used to think aboutRead More

Show notes from Nikola Kuzmanovic

Posted on May 7, 2020

Here’s where you can listen to the podcast: Anchor Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Here are the topics we covered, roughly speaking. 0:00 Why, Eugene, should you start a podcast? What do you seek to accomplish with it? COVID-19, epistemology, and what it means to be a contrarian. Changing people’s beliefs, encouraging critical thinking. Whether dialogue and discourse are worthwhile. Changing behaviours and actions. Finally, how face-to-face discourse reveals new options and invokes humanity. ~33:00 The place of experience in persuasion,Read More