Show notes from Nikola Kuzmanovic

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Here are the topics we covered, roughly speaking.

  • 0:00 Why, Eugene, should you start a podcast? What do you seek to accomplish with it? COVID-19, epistemology, and what it means to be a contrarian. Changing people’s beliefs, encouraging critical thinking. Whether dialogue and discourse are worthwhile. Changing behaviours and actions. Finally, how face-to-face discourse reveals new options and invokes humanity.
  • ~33:00 The place of experience in persuasion, political parties, Isaac Morehouse, criticizing by creating, and Nancy Pelosi.
  • ~41:00 – Creating social change. For example, Calgary and public art, like its ugly street light (called “Travelling Light”). The uselessness of the political process for social change. Bringing up the right issues. The famous wonderland sculpture in Calgary (the big head). Interaction with the art as a prerequisite for public art. The Calgary Peace Bridge
  • ~45:00. Public art. Art Cartels. Charter cities and competitions between Jurisdictions. Why buildings should be built by architects to serve the people.
  • ~55:00. Crimes, drug lords in Marseille, and muggings in train stations as a result of poor architectural foresight.
  • ~1:00:00. The move from Rural to urban environments. The Belgrade Waterfront. Cars, urban planning, beauty.
  • ~1:07:00. Canadian socialization from the back of a truck during COVID-19.
  • ~1:13:00. Book recommendation – Antifragile. Things to do – ground yourself in meaningful activities during these troubled times.

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