Pride is a fragile thing, and it’s not confidence. But in small doses, exposing your pride is good for you. This will hurt, but much less than going through the world badly.

Today, someone told me that my grammar was wrong. It was a few sentences in my work, but the point was made: I’m not as perfect at grammar as I thought. And this was painful because I had worked on my grammar and studied it, but it still didn’t help me.

Anyways, this was quite the blow to my pride, that’s for sure. I was sad the whole day. But in all honesty, I should be grateful for finding out as soon as I did. If I were to continue ignorantly, the repercussions of bad grammar would probably have ganged up on me later. I’m saying that since it was solved early, I had to go through a lot less pain than I would’ve had I messed up 2-5 years down the line.

The fact that it hurts probably means that I have built too much of my identity on the notion that I have good grammar. Instead, I should be setting up my identity on the thing that can grow and improve out of that, instead of taking it personally. This is what I would consider genuine humility and it’s from here that wisdom and improvements come.

Now to only incorporate this into me. Wish me luck.

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