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Hey Readers,

Today is the first day that I’ve sat down in front of my laptop and thought “what am I going to write about today?” Usually something happens during the day that I need to process or that I need to figure out, or something that’s on my mind, but nothing like that pops into my mind. So instead, today I’ll just tell you how my day went and why it was so fantastic.

Today I had a really good day. And good in the permutable sense, in the sense that if I did it 1000 times over, it would be worth every day. The main reason for my good mood was probably the encouragement that I got from people who read the opening paragraph of the essay I’m writing about the Supreme Court. Even though both of them knew nothing about the subject, nor what I was talking about, they both reported that it was interesting and that they wanted to read more of it.

So after that I went home and stared at twitter for a while, but I got the willpower to shut it down and read three more pages of this book related to my paper called “The Most Dangerous Branch.” It’s an awesome book because I like almost all of the author’s points. It’s as if a smarter and more articulate version of myself wrote it.

I also went swimming and listened to really uplifting music. And by uplifting music, I mean rap. On the way back, I filled up because you never know when fuel prices will rise, and lo and behold, fuel prices were $122.9. While I have driven cars, I don’t ever remember being so happy about such low gas prices.

Finally, all three (actually 4 for me cause I’m quite the voracious eater) of my meals were really tasty. Breakfast was cinnamon pancakes and scrambled eggs, lunch was chicken curry and rice, dinner #1 was the same thing, and dinner #2 was, like, rice, green peas, sausage, and mashed potato.

So I’m going to try and duplicate it tomorrow, and we’ll see what happens. I’m even going to sleep on time today! Aahh I’m so happy. Okay, good night.

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