Review: My Cousin Vinny (1992)

I just watched My Cousin Vinny. It was great because of how coherent it was. I loved that. No movies today have that same coherence. Patterns would show up and repeat and build on each other, with much comedic effect.

For example, you’d get that style of comedy where two characters are talking with each other but don’t understand the other’s frame of view, whereas the audience understands both and thus laughs. So for example the prison scene where the “cousin Vinny” who’s the lawyer enters the prison cell to talk with the recently incarcerated boys, and he starts talking to one of them telling them how he should be grateful that he’s here and so on and so forth. But the boy thinks it’s the prison daddy – the prison rapist who protects people but who demands sexual favours in return. It’s great how they could be talking about two extremely different things and still have a conversation with each other at the same time.

Then there’s the sexual talk between Vinny and his flaming fiance, Mona Lisa Vito. Basically what always happens is Vinny gets into an “argument” with Mona Lisa Vito about something, Vito starts talking smart and pulling out bang-on facts and details out of nowhere, and then proves Vinny completely wrong, while in the process turning both of them on. It was very unusual because, well, it suggests that women are more intelligent than men are, and that it’s their intelligence which makes them so attractive. The lesson I learned from this is that if I’m going to marry someone, it’s gotta be someone who I love arguing with.┬áMona Lisa Vito was extremely refreshing because of her outspoken, smart, witty, hardass character. There should be more of her in the world.

So all in all, a great movie. I recommend you to watch it.

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