Lesson: don’t wait too long to fly

There have been times in my life where I’ve known that I should be moving on and didn’t. I now believe that it’s a mistake to wait, and instead should move on. Here’s an example:

I worked at Tim Hortons for about 5 years. By my third year there, I think I knew that I really didn’t like working there. I couldn’t wait for the clock to reach my finish time.

The thing that stopped me from moving on was a lack of necessity. Working at Tim Hortons was very comfortable after all. I had great colleagues, great bosses, and rush times were thrilling.

However, I eventually realized that I became a weak employee rather than a strong one after a few years. I wouldn’t move as quickly as possible, I would make silly mistakes, and I would chat with coworkers more.

Why was I doing this? Because a part of me was fiercely rebelling against me staying at Timmies. Rebelling, in fact, in such a way that, if it had complete control over me, I would have been fired.

I should have quit then, but I didn’t because I didn’t know where else to go and was anxious about the future – I could be making a huge mistake and moving towards something worse!

And rest assured, I was probably right – I would have been moving towards something which was a mistake. But that would still have been better because then I would just have moved closer to what I will ought to be doing (referring to the future of the past person?), and that would have been better in the long run.

Otherwise, the long run person you become is slow, tentative, anxious, and weak because you’ve never taken what is right for you.

So what I’m trying to say is this: if comfortability in your present state and anxiety for your future state are the main reasons for why you are not moving forward, then you know it’s time you move forward, because those are reasons which will hold you back.

You’ll never achieve anything with “comfort”, and at least the anxiety will go away through time because you will understand the world better through bumping into it over and over again.

So just like hatchlings in a nest, don’t wait too long to jump out and (try to) fly. Or else you’ll have a stultified and weak growth.

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