Day 3: Dr. Henry Fundraiser

The best marketing doesn’t even know that it’s marketing.

That’s a tough lesson I’ve learned in this campaign.

One artist from my store made a post on the Dr. Henry fan page. It said, basically, that he put his design on a t-shirt, and now he was fundraising with it.

His post was blocked by the admins. But some other person put out a fundraising request and … his post was allowed! A third person was making coffee mugs (fundraising, once again) and she was allowed to post too!

One particular post stands out in my mind: a woman posted a photo of a t-shirt she printed for herself. It said “Because Dr. Henry Said So.” Everyone liked it!

While she didn’t even have a link for the t-shirt, she was still marketing. Her marketing was organic, through and through. It hyped people up. Plus it had the allure of being “hand made.”

In Alberta too, the Dr. Hinshaw there got off the ground after two people printed 10 t-shirts and then auctioned off the rest; huge demand followed immediately and then production was ramped up.

Apparently, people don’t like the most professional campaigns! Or rather, they trust products that weren’t meant to be products, which then became products. And they trust it when the artist or creator is the first to wear it, preferring to ask the creator for another copy.


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